The volunteer expectation for families with one child enrolled at Cardinal is 20 hours per school year. For families with more than one child enrolled the volunteer expectation is 30 hours per school year.

Any individual 18 years or older who does not have a student enrolled in CCA can complete volunteer hours on your behalf.  When you have someone complete hours on your behalf, s/he should SignUp for a volunteer spot using your student’s name and carpool number in order for you to get credit for the hours they complete on your behalf. Please note that all volunteers who will be assisting in the building and interacting with students need to be background checked and complete the Safe Schools Training.

No.  We rely on each family to complete their own volunteer hours.  We genuinely appreciate and rely upon those volunteers that go over their requirement, but those hours in excess of the requirement cannot be donated to others.

Yes. We understand that not everyone can make it into the building to donate their time. Therefore, $20 = 1 hour of community service for in-kind donations. Please note that this applies ONLY to items that are being asked for by teachers, staff and the PTO. You will not receive hours for items donated that were not requested. Teachers and staff will have wish lists and the PTO is always in need of gift cards. Monetary donations made in support of fundraising efforts do NOT count toward volunteer hours.

For Carpool, no.  For almost everything else, yes. 

All volunteers who will be in the building and interacting with students need to be background checked and complete the Safe School training online. You will need to complete the Safe Schools Training first. Once you have completed all five courses please email your course certificates to Alicia Allen at She will then send you a link for the background check. Once you have applied for the background check you are ready to be an in school volunteer. You can access information on the Safe Schools Training here.

Volunteer opportunities can be found on the PTO website. Additionally, opportunities can be found in the weekly newsletter, by attending the bi-monthly PTO Meetings and directly from your classroom teacher.  Once you identify a volunteer opportunity that interests you, please SignUp via before arriving to campus to expedite your CheckIn process.

We encourage you to be proactive in finding volunteer opportunities by reaching out to your classroom teacher or the PTO with your ideas. We are always looking for ways to improve our school community and great leaders for projects!