School Supply Kits

Thank you for purchasing a school supply kit for the upcoming school year. It was a very successful, first-time fundraiser for our school, raising over $2k for our school while saving our parents time and stress. Kits will be distributed this week during meet the teacher sessions. We will be available for pickup during the following times:

· Wednesday, 8/16 – 1pm to 6pm
· Thursday, 8/17 – 3pm – 6pm

You can pick up any grade level kit during any session even if the session is not specific to your grade level. If you cannot pickup your kit during these times, please email to let us know.

As a reminder, please pick up your kit in the cafeteria before heading to your classroom during meet the teacher. Many of the supplies will be left in the classroom at that time. The box is yours to keep, please take it with you as you leave school. It is a great place to store keepsakes from your child’s upcoming school year!

Thanks in advance!

School Supply Bulk Items Notice:
Please note when picking up your school supply kits this week that we do not yet have the extra “bulk items” that you ordered (ear buds, thumbdrives, calculators, etc.). These items were delayed in delivery. Our SchoolKidz represented has put a rush delivery on them, but we do not yet have an ETA for them. Once they arrive we will ensure that they are delivered to the classroom.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this will cause you and your student, unfortunately it was beyond our control.